Now: What I'm Doing Right Now

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I'm still in Charlotte, NC, USA, Earth. Working at an award-winning digital strategy, design, and development firm. I decided to concentrate on Angular/front-end development a few years ago and moved to iOS development around the end of 2016. That was great because by that point, almost all of my personal projects had been iOS projects for a year or so.


I'm playing electronic drums now. Have a show with a band (Elephants Jerald) in October, I'm playing bass with them so haven't been playing drums as much lately.
I write software for a living and I write software for fun. I realize how lucky I am. I currently have an app waiting in review, it will be on the iOS App Store soon (fingers crossed).
Jogging some, skateboarding some.
I'd rather be at the beach right now (assuming I'm not at the beach when you read this).


Currently watching:
Game of Thrones
Twin Peaks: The Return
Ash vs Evil Dead
Freaks and Geeks
Parks and Recreation
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Gravity Falls

Currently rewatching:
Steven Universe

Recently finished/caught up on:
American Gods
Attack on Titan
Black Mirror
The Handmaid's Tale
Silicon Valley


I have a 10-song playlist on Apple Music called A 10-Pack of Songs that I  keep full of songs I think you should listen to.

Listening to the songs we (Elephants Jerald) are covering for our Halloween show, of course.

Saw Sturgill Simpson live again in early July. Looking forward to hearing his next album. I assume it will sound more like the theme song from Vinyl and less like his previous album (which I loved).