This One Stays at 11

6 years ago, on 11/11/11, Rodney Raines (Ace Custom Tattoo in Plaza-Midwood, Charlotte, NC) started a new tradition of tattooing knobs that go to 11. It’s been a few years since he’s done this (and I didn’t have one) so I jumped on the chance when I found out he was doing them again this year. 



In honor of the Noise Closet, Elephants  Jerald, Shannon’s Law (A Z), Shannon’s Theorem, my music library, and life in general, I now have a NOISE KNOB that stays  at 11.

R.I.P. Tremont Music Hall

Tremont Music Hall 2017.07.12

Tremont Music Hall 2017.07.12

Another Charlotte cornerstone crumbles under the heel of progress. If there were suitable replacements, losing these venues wouldn't hurt so much.  

An abbreviated list of bands/acts I saw at Tremont Music Hall:

GWAR, The BBQ Grills, Rosewater Elisabeth, Bur Monter, Doug Stanhope, 14 Feet Wide, 5 Times Down, Pigface, Legendary Pink Dots, Whitechapel, Sparta, mewithoutyou, Fugazi, The Monorchid, The Make-Up, Etheric, Liquid Sex Decay

Topsail Island Mini-Instax 2016

I packed a few cameras for this trip but took more photos with the Lomo’Instant than with the others. My iPhone 6S Plus came in second place. The Polaroid Cube rounds out the list in 3rd place with one or two videos at a skatepark in Wilmington. My Fuji x100t doesn't make the list because it never left the bag. Pro Tip: failed mini-instax photos make great bookmarks.