A 10-Pack of Songs [Updated 2017.07.20]

I planned to drop a few songs from the playlist to make room for a couple/few Moon Tooth tracks. I can't stop listening to Moon Tooth. I miss Shudder to Think so Moon Tooth scratches a certain itch for me. 

Anyway, all 10 songs were repealed and replaced. Somehow, I managed to avoid putting ten Moon Tooth songs in the list. 

A 10-Pack of Songs : Apple Music playlist by sirshannon


R.I.P. Tremont Music Hall

Tremont Music Hall 2017.07.12

Tremont Music Hall 2017.07.12

Another Charlotte cornerstone crumbles under the heel of progress. If there were suitable replacements, losing these venues wouldn't hurt so much.  

An abbreviated list of bands/acts I saw at Tremont Music Hall:

GWAR, The BBQ Grills, Rosewater Elisabeth, Bur Monter, Doug Stanhope, 14 Feet Wide, 5 Times Down, Pigface, Legendary Pink Dots, Whitechapel, Sparta, mewithoutyou, Fugazi, The Monorchid, The Make-Up, Etheric, Liquid Sex Decay

iOS/OS X Nonsense - Part 14 of 100

Today is Thursday, January 19. My iphone would not play any audio unless it was previously saved to the phone. Any streaming audio or video (youtube, apple music, etc) would have a nice glitchy static noise approximately every second and if there was video, it would not be in sync (also wouls not be N'SYNC, but that is not a bug). So, now that Apple's phone is the new Windows Computer, I rebooted it. 

When it powered back up, an iMessage my wife sent me on January 9th finally arrived. It appeared as the newest message even though the date and time were correctly listed.